British rocker Siouxsie Sioux lived up to her rock 'n' roll reputation during a trip to Japan - by throwing a phone out of a hotel window. The Siouxie and the Banshees frontwoman, 50, admits she did not return to Japan for a while after damaging hotel property. Sioux says, "We were in a hotel in Japan where you couldn't open the windows. I think they're afraid people will jump, or something. And the air conditioning was on, and it's bad for my voice so I wanted to turn it off and open a window. But it wouldn't open, and I got so p**sed off that I took the phone and threw it through the window. "I was waiting for a knock on the door, but nothing happened, so I just went to bed. But the next day, the hotel guy came up and said, 'Did you know your phone went through the window? You can't throw your phone through the window!' And we couldn't go back to Japan for ages after that."