Siobhan Donaghy considered quitting the music industry completely when she quit THE SUGABABES - and blames her ex-bandmates for making her feel "uncomfortable" about her talents.

The flame-haired OVERLOAD singer quit the band, which was on the brink of success, during a promotional tour of Japan in August 2001 - because she had become irrevocably "isolated" by bandmates Keisha Buchanan and Mutya Buena during their three year association.

Siobhan says, "It was four days before the end of the trip, and I made a decision and that was it. I thought, 'I'm not doing four more days - I'm not doing one more minute.' I cried the whole way home on the plane.

"That was the last time I heard or saw of anyone I had worked with for three and a half years."

London-born Siobhan, who has been touring small venues under the anagram of her name SHANGHAI NOBODY, continues, "I wasn't gonna do music again. I'd completely and utterly had it. I never wanted to be famous anyway. Our whole thing was, 'Let's just make music that we wanna listen to.'

"We were just so different. I just didn't feel comfortable, I wasn't made to feel good at what I do. The split was inevitable because three's a crowd."

It's been widely reported Siobhan's replacement Heidi Range has also fallen victim to Keisha and Mutya's "isolating" ways - with some suggesting the stunner is being bullied by the pair.

19/06/2003 14:01