Sinitta has vowed to use her autobiography to name and shame those who allegedly sexually assaulted her.

The 'So Macho' singer - who previously dated Simon Cowell and Brad Pitt and was married to Andy Willner for eight years before they split in 2010 - claims she was a victim of many powerful men throughout her career and has vowed to speak out in her upcoming book in a bid to take away ''opportunities'' for the unnamed people to take advantage of others.

She told the Daily Star Sunday newspaper: ''There are so many people in this industry taking advantage of people. There were things that happened for years and I had to be a good girl and put up with it. It was by powerful people.

''But I'm finally going there. It's time. I'm going to name names. Some of them are alive and some aren't. To the ones still here I want to say 'You might think you got away with that but you haven't'. I want to make sure there aren't any more opportunities for certain people.''

The 'So Macho' singer - who has children Magdalena, 11, and Zac, 10, with Andy - thought she was being ''strong'' in keeping quiet about her ordeal but has now realised it takes more bravery to speak out.

She said: ''There are things I'd put up with for years. I thought it was normal because I'd had it all my life. You didn't talk about those things.

''I thought strength was being able to stay quiet. I kept a smile on my face and didn't show how these things had affected me. I thought that was bravery. But I've realised we're doing each other a disservice not speaking.

''I haven't let these things stop me living my life. It hasn't stopped me being successful. But it does actually damage your confidence. You have this inner child who is weeping.''

Sinitta may not have spoken publicly about her experiences before, but she has confided in former lover Simon.

She said: ''We have talked about it. You want to know someone is there for you.''