Sinitta wants to ''corrupt'' Simon Cowell's son.

The 'So Macho' hitmaker is godmother to her former boyfriend's four-month-old baby Eric but she insists she doesn't want to be a good influence on him as the music mogul has always encouraged her children, Magdalena, nine, and Zac, eight, to misbehave.

She said: ''I'm not going to give Simon tips, I'm going to help corrupt Eric the way Simon's corrupted my children.''

Despite his young age, Sinitta claims little Eric is already showing signs of being like his father.

She said: ''He's definitely a watcher. He sits and watches everything and takes it all in, like his father. He's a gorgeous child, really easy and sweet.''

And the 45-year-old singer doesn't think Simon will have any problems juggling work on 'The X Factor' with his family life.

Asked if she thinks her pal will struggle, she told Britain's OK! magazine: ''Not at all - I think Simon is in his element because he basically has it all. I used to say, 'You can't have it all', and actually, he can.''