Sinitta wants to run her own puppy Pilates classes.

The 'So Macho' hitmaker likes to take part in the fitness session in the morning and then take her pooch Scarlet out for a brisk walk afterwards, but she's now come up with a ''fantastic'' idea that will combine the two and she's convinced it will be a huge hit.

Speaking to the Daily Star newspaper, she said: ''Puppies and Pilates - it's a fantastic idea. I often take Scarlett to a class, so she'll get the exercise. They really look after everyone's dogs there. It would be great to run something like that.''

And, although she's desperate to put her plan into action, it looks like the 53-year-old singer already has a lot on her plate as she's also currently working with a team of trainee producers to help shoot a series of cookery shows.

She said recently: ''I do my Pilates in Fulham, I walk my poodle, Scarlett O'Hara, then I'm with my interns making programmes ... I've made a studio in my place, got some great internet filmmakers and started making programmes. We've been making everything from cookery and panel shows to programmes about exercise and aesthetic makeovers.''

And Sinitta's schedule is set to ramp up even more over the coming months as it's believed she will join her former flame Simon Cowell - who she has remained friends with for decades - as a guest mentor on 'The X Factor'.

She said: ''I'm going back to the 'X Factor' this year. Simon has admitted he made a big mistake by replacing me with a Spice Girl - even though they are fabulous.

''He's realised it's not about who's the most successful or who's made the most money. It's about chemistry and we have that, so he said he wants me back.''