Eighties pop star Sinitta's ex-boyfriend Brad Pitt attempted to tame her wild side by becoming a "mother" figure during their turbulent romance.

The couple dated for around two years in the late 1980s when Pitt was an occasional star on hit TV series Dallas, but TOY BOY singer Sinitta's fun-loving lifestyle alarmed the sensible Hollywood hunk.

Pitt's requests for quiet dinners and nights spent in front of the TV were regularly rebuffed by his restless girlfriend, who grew increasingly frustrated with his efforts to temper her energetic approach to life.

Sinitta - who also famously dated music mogul SIMON COWELL - recalls, "I think I was too wild for him! I was really young and at the peak of my career and I didn't want to sit and be romantic and eat dinner at home.

"He was a lot more chilled and I think he was a bit taken aback by the things that I was doing. Like if I was hungry, I would open a bottle of champagne from my fridge because I certainly wasn't going to cook.

"I think he looked after me more than I looked after him. But I didn't want to be looked after too much. I didn't want another mother."

28/02/2005 03:42