Eighties pop star Sinitta is launching a music management firm to find the next big thing.
The So MACho hitmaker has founded Attinis - 'Sinitta' backwards - to scout out talented young singers and dancers she can mentor.
The new venture puts Sinitta in direct competition with her ex-boyfriend Simon Cowell - but his spokesman Max Clifford insists the TV talent show mogul welcomes a challenge.
Clifford says, "Simon has always said what a good eye and ear Sinitta has for talent and I know he would wish her all the luck in the world. He has said to me, and I know he believes it, that competition keeps everyone on their toes."
A message on Sinitta's website states: "Sinitta will offer mentoring for those who are serious about getting into the music and dance industry. Co-ordinating with industry experts, the sessions will help you hone your talents."