Sinitta thinks her past relationships ''intimidate'' her lovers.

The 'So Macho' hitmaker believes her previous relationships with Brad Pitt and Simon Cowell can ''put people off'' dating her, but she hopes she will still be able to find a partner who finds her fame ''amusing rather than annoying''.

The brunette beauty - who was married to Andy Willner for eight years before they split in 2010 - told the Metro newspaper: ''I think in the old days it [my fame] helped [my dating life] but now I'm a lot more than a sexy little singer.

''I'm a woman and I have a past that may intimidate or put people off. I've been famous for most of my life so I am very relaxed about it and try not to make it a thing.

''I'd love a partner who finds it amusing rather than annoying and who doesn't just want me because I am famous. That would be horrible.''

And the 54-year-old singer thinks she has the full package, as she has the ''body of a 24-year-old and the mind of a 49-year-old'', which she believes ''every real man'' desires.

She continued: ''Surely this is what every real man realises he wants once he grows up. Definitely better than the other way round.''

Although Sinitta has been romantically linked to a number of celebrities in the past, she has admitted she never realised her first meeting with the 'X Factor' judge was a date and would become more intimate later down the line.

She said: ''[My first date] it was with Simon Cowell and I didn't know it was a date. I thought he wanted to meet regarding helping me promote my record ['Never Too Late'], so I turned up with boxes of the 12-inch version of it, much to his horror.

''He asked me what I wanted to drink and I had no idea what to ask for as I wasn't a drinker then, so I just said I'd have the same as him. We drank Amaretto on ice ... I drank too much and became a bit squiffy and silly but he obviously still liked me.''