British pop star Sinitta is recovering from emergency surgery to remove a tumour from her stomach.
The singer was recently admitted to hospital after doctors discovered she had a growth in her stomach and Sinitta, who has previously undergone surgery to remove a lump in her breast, admits she kept the operation a secret because she feared the tumour would be cancerous.
However, medics have since given Sinitta the all-clear.
She tells Britain's Daily Star Sunday, "I am recovering well. Thank God the tumour was not malignant. But it was the size of an ostrich egg. Bizarre. I had two weeks of morphine afterwards. The medicine was very strong."
But Sinitta is nursing another ailment - she injured her ankle while out in London on Thursday night (17Feb11).
She adds, "I went to see The Wizard Of Oz and it ended in disaster. I was pain-free but a little wobbly. I just collapsed on the way home and my ankle and ligaments are damaged. I guess I was out and about too soon."