British pop star Sinitta was stunned when doctors diagnosed her with a stomach tumour - she was convinced her ill health was actually depression over a failed adoption.
The So MACho hitmaker mistook bouts of exhaustion for heartbreak after an unsuccessful bid to become a mum again and admits she was surprised when doctors found a large growth in February (11).
She tells Britain's Daily Star, "I was feeling really exhausted and sad but I thought it was about my attempt at child adoption falling through.
"I had wanted to adopt a little sister for my kids Magdalena and Zac. I thought I wasn't taking it very well but went for my annual check-up and there was this tumour. It was the size of a large fist."
Sinitta underwent surgery to remove the growth and admits she felt "tremendous" relief when she was told the tumour was benign.
She adds, "I can only describe it as like being born again. I must have been really panicking as the relief was so tremendous."