British pop star Sinitta called on ex-lover Simon Cowell to help her when she was diagnosed with a tumour - and he insisted on taking her and her mother to Hong Kong to recover from the awful news.
The singer recently underwent emergency surgery after doctors discovered she had a growth in her stomach, and she has since been given the all-clear - but the So MACho star admits there was a moment when she feared the worst.
Sinitta has now opened up about her diagnosis, revealing news of a tumour was the last thing she expected to hear when she saw a medic following a busy 2010, working on Cowell's reality show The X Factor.
She tells Britain's Star magazine, "I'd been feeling exhausted at the end of last year... and couldn't seem to get well.
"I have a medical every year, so when I came back from holiday I went for my check-up, and it was then they discovered something and I was sent for an MRI scan.
"They realised it was a tumour and (it) was wrapped around my stomach and spine, towards my bowel."
And she reveals close pal Cowell was shocked when she revealed her health diagnosis to him, and insisted on taking her to Hong Kong, where her ex-husband Andy Wilner lives, to focus on her recovery.
The star adds, "He was quite flabbergasted. And then I just started talking about other things that I was worried about and he said: 'Let's just focus on this for the moment', and told me to forget everything else and concentrate on getting well.
"So that was it, it was just my mother, Simon and my ex-husband Andy in Hong Kong."
Sinitta insists it was important for her ex-husband to be part of the health drama because "I needed to tell him in case he had to look after the children."
Sinitta shares two adopted kids, Zac and Magdalena, with Wilner.