Sinitta bought Simon Cowell's son a karaoke machine for Christmas.

The 'So Macho' singer is close friends with her former boyfriend - who has two-year-old Eric with girlfriend Lauren Silverman - and treated him and his family to generous gifts over the festive season, though she hopes her present to the youngster will lead to bigger things for them both.

She said: ''[I bought] Simon the new 'Star Wars Battle Quads' drone, which can fly 35mph, while I got Lauren some Louboutin make-up.

''I gifted Eric a karaoke machine - we love singing carols together.

''His dad might sign us if we create a Christmas mash-up!''

The former pop star - who is mother to adopted children Magdalena, 11, and Zac, 10 - always knows what she can expect for Christmas from the music mogul.

She said: ''Simon treated me to a pair of Louboutins one year but these days he gives me a Harrods gift card.

''I'll send him a picture of what I bought as a thank you!''

But for Sinitta, she'll never get a better Christmas gift than when she was legally granted custody of her kids.

She said: ''My all-time favourite gift was when my adoption of Magdalena and Zac finally went through in 2007.

''The process took a long time and when they legally became my children, it was a week before Christmas. It was perfect timing.''