Sinitta and Simon Cowell have ''debauched'' New Year's Eve celebrations.

The singer and the music mogul - her former lover - always spent the festive season in Barbados with friends and celebrate the turning of the year at a lavish bash thrown by Topshop tycoon Sir Philip Green and the 'So Macho' hitmaker admitted she always ''goes crazy'' at the party.

She said: ''It's completely debauched. We all go to Sandy Lane as guests of Sir Philip and his family.

''It starts with all the men looking suave in suits, while all the ladies wear elegant dresses - but by the end of the night we all end up in the pool with our diamonds and champagne glasses and often not much else. I'm quite small so I can't handle my alcohol - I go crazy.''

Though Sinitta and Simon have remained close, she insists her ex-boyfriend's current girlfriend Lauren Silverman - the mother of his 10-month-old son Eric - isn't jealous of their relationship.

Sinitta - who has two adopted children - said: ''Lauren isn't threatened by me. When she met Simon, I was always with him. We've just transitioned into different positions. And now our kids are growing up together which is really sweet.

''Lauren has to put up with women throwing themselves at Simon all the time - it comes with the role.''