Sinead O'connor wants to find a girlfriend for her ex-boyfriend.

The 'Nothing Compares 2 U' hitmaker - who has an on/off relationship with current husband Barry Herridge - has remained close to Frank Bonadio, the father of her six-year-old son, and wants to help him find happiness.

She said: ''He wants to meet girls, he wants me to advertise him. I want to put him on dating sites, but he's too shy.''

Prior to meeting Barry, Sinead appealed for a new boyfriend in a newspaper column and says she did so in order to save money.

She explained: ''I wrote the articles last summer because I wanted to join a dating agency and I wanted to save the registration fee, so I wrote my own ad.''

Sinead's three sons and one daughter were each born to different men but she is able to see the funny side of her unorthodox family situation.

She quipped to The Guardian newspaper: ''Father's Day is a bit of a revolving door at my house.''

Sinead regards herself as successful because she doesn't need to rely on men for support.

Referring to an infamous incident when she destroyed a picture of the Pope during a TV appearance in 1992, she said: ''I could stand in the street and sing and get enough money to pay the bills. I don't need millions of dollars. That was why I tore up the Pope's picture - I knew I had enough money that I didn't have to marry a man with a very small penis to get the bills paid.

''I don't want any man to have control over me. And that is success.''