Sinead O'connor thinks she would ''definitely be dead'' if it wasn't for music.

The 'Nothing Compares 2 U' singer explained as a child she prayed to God for a ''way out'' until she discovered rhythm through her footsteps at the age of six.

She said: ''I would definitely be dead if not for music. I prayed very fervently as a small child that God would give me a way out.

''And I remember distinctly walking home down this laneway, I can't have been more than five or six, and with The Rhythm of my feet I began to hear music, and within that second I made the association with the Holy Spirit, and I said thanks to it.

''I felt it was The Answer to the prayers. I get to stand there and scream and I have a right to, 'cause what else am I gonna do?''

The 45-year-old star - who released her new LP 'How About I Be Me (And You Be You?)' last month - admitted she now sees her records as ''diaries''.

Sinead added in an interview with the Daily Telegraph newspaper: ''My records are diaries to me. They started out in anger and recovery, and there is a Journey and I'm pleased that it has reached a place of happiness.''