If you've not followed Sinead Oconnor much over the Christmas period, then the news that she's back together with her husband may come as slightly confusing. Indeed it was only on December 8th 2011 that the singer got married to Barry Herridge in Las Vegas on the day of her 45th birthday, yet the pair reportedly filed for divorced just 16 days later, a record that makes Kim Kardashian's marriage to Kris Humphries look positively golden.
However, in a series of Tweets, the Irish artist wrote "we decided to be boyfriend and girlfriend again an stay married but we did rush so we gonna return to b friend g friend. (sic)" Lovely to hear, and great that they've reconciled - though it's debatable whether people needed to know just how they got back together. Never mind though because they let everyone know anyway as the star Tweeted, "guess whohad [sic] a mad love making affair with her own husband last night?" Thanks for that Sinead.
Upon originally splitting with Herridge, O'Connor wrote on her blog "Within 3 hours of the ceremony being over the marriage was kyboshed by the behaviour of certain people in my husband's life," adding, oddly, "And also by a bit of a wild ride i took us on looking for a bit of a smoke of weed for me wedding night as I don't drink." However, now they're back as partners she couldn't be happier, stating "we all in love an f*** every other mother*** who dont like it.. so me all happy!! me love me hubby.. he love me... f*** who no like it.. God is good!" Good stuff, we guess.