Irish singer Sinead O'connor almost lost custody of her daughter ROISIN after her controversial acts against the Catholic Church in the 1990s lead to claims she was unfit to care for children.

The NOTHING COMPARES 2 U hitmaker has long battled against the religion's stance on homosexuality, but was horrified when her protests turned the media against her.

But O'Connor, who was separated from her own mother at the age of seven, refused to allow the same thing to happen to her daughter;

She says, "The only evidence against me in that case was 17 years or so of newspaper stories that made me out to be a crazy person.

"Because of the media's take on me, I had to endure a hellish experience. And potentially my daughter would have had to endure a hellish experience. All sorts of people said I shouldn't raise a girl. It's interesting that they never tried to take my boy away from me.

"So basically, the 20 years in which I was Sinead O'Connor resulted in people trying to take my f**king baby off me."