Singer Sinead O'connor has withdrawn her application to join Irish republican political party Sinn Fein after becoming disillusioned with leaders' lack of interest in ending her homeland's partition.

The Nothing Compares 2 U hitmaker announced last month (Dec14) she had signed on with the party, long believed to be the political wing of the Irish Republican Army (Ira), and revealed she wanted to tackle the top issue of reuniting Northern Ireland with the Republic of Ireland.

However, the outspoken star claims she has had a change of heart about becoming a Sinn Fein member following discussions with party officials.

In a new post on, she explains, "It makes no sense for Sinn Fein to speak of sovereignty and water but not speak of ending partition.

"It makes no sense to plan now for next year's centenary (of the Easter Rising armed insurrection), while not speaking now about the end of partition. I think Sinn Fein could risk being braver. If you seem afraid of the subject how on earth are you gonna convince anyone who is more afraid? i.e. the vast majority of residents of the Republic."

The singer also reveals Sinn Fein representatives had warned her she would be "bored s**tless" being a full-time member instead of remaining an outside supporter.

The news comes weeks after O'Connor was heavily criticised for her support of what critics deemed "a former terrorist organisation", prompting the defiant star to respond by posting the note, "For anyone who is confused, Sinn Fein is no longer associated with the use of violence" online.