Sinead O'connor dedicated a gig in London this week (beg11Aug14) to tragic funnyman Robin Williams and performed a song about suicide as a warning to fans who may be considering taking their own life.

The Irish singer, who has battled mental health issues of her own in the past, spoke out about the tragic loss of Hollywood comedian Williams during a concert in the British capital.

Williams, who suffered from depression, was found hanged at his home in California on Monday (11Aug14), and O'Connor dedicated her set at the Roundhouse venue to his memory.

During her Tuesday night (12Aug14) show, the singer performed a song for Williams titled 8 Good Reasons, in which she describes her own suicidal thoughts, and urged others to think again before acting on their impulses.

Prior to launching into the song, she told the crowd, "It's a very bad idea, the choice that Robin made and I want to dedicate this song to anyone today who may be contemplating that choice and ask anyone not to."

She also dedicated her version of I Am Stretched Upon Your Grave to the late star.