Damien Dempsey has recorded a ''truly special'' duet with Sinead O'connor.

The 42-year-old singer found it a ''really humbling experience'' to get in the recording studio with the 'Nothing Compares 2 U' hitmaker and hear her sing a song he'd written for his upcoming album of duets.

He said: ''On the album there is a track that Sinead O'Connor and I recorded. It is one of my own songs and there was something truly special about hearing her sing my lyrics. She has a voice that is truly other worldly and it was truly amazing to hear her sing my words, it was actually a really humbling experience.''

The 'Your Pretty Smile' singer has enlisted a string of artists who he admires to appear on the record, and he also singled out tracks he recorded with John Grant and Kate Tempest as among his favourites.

He exclusively told BANG Showbiz: ''We have done a really paired down track with John Grant with just our vocals and a piano, John sang some harmonies that sounds very beautiful. Kate Tempest also came to record a track and we layered a Jamaican-style beat over her spoken word sections which created a really interesting track.''

Though Damien isn't a fan of many current chart artists, he'd love the chance to get into the studio with Grime superstar Stormzy.

He said: ''For me, a lot of the more current stuff is too throwaway and too easily digestible. It seems like it is aimed and marketed towards teenagers and that vibe of music doesn't really sit very well with me as I look for meaning and depth in my music.

''However, I absolutely loved Stormzy's performance at the Brits, it was incredibly powerful and really put the spotlight on those in power. He music definitely has meaning, and I think collaborating with him would result in something really interesting.''

Damien will perform a special show at the Roundhouse in Camden, north London, on St. Patrick's Day on Saturday (17.03.18).