Sin City star Mickey Rourke accepts responsibility for his period in the Hollywood wilderness, admitting his bad attitude contributed to his downfall. The 50-year-old actor says he was too immature to handle the pressure of being a Hollywood star first time around, and didn't get work for 13 years because he was more concerned with his films' artistic merit than the business side of the movie industry. He admits, "By the time I left Hollywood, my reputation was so bad. I'd not handled things correctly. I was young and arrogant and immature and stupid. I didn't take enough time to examine all the facets of the fact that making movies is a business. "I didn't want any part of it being a business, but that was me living in some sort of artistic bubble that doesn't exist. I kind of had my head up my a**. "When you're out of work for 13 years, you have to look in the mirror and say, 'It's not them. I f**ked up. I put the gun to my head and pulled the trigger, they didn't.'"