Sin City creator Frank Miller has hit out at reports suggesting violent films encourage anti-social behaviour among cinema-goers.

The comic-book writer, who also co-directed the movie with ROBERT RODRIGUEZ, insists the brutal action seen in his latest release is too stylised to be a cause of concern.

Miller also points out that Japanese film-makers delight in showing bloodshed on screen, yet violent crime in the Asian country remains rare.

Miller, whose action thriller is nominated for the prestigious PALME D'OR prize at France's Cannes Film Festival, says, "Violence is a real catchy buzzword these days.

"Considering most drama since THE ILIAD and before is extremely violent - because that's how people work problems out - it's a bit ridiculous.

"The Japanese have the most violent fiction and movies in the world and they have among the lowest crime rate."

19/05/2005 21:41