Sin City star Rosario Dawson was left feeling like "a total dork" at Sunday's (23JUL06) Comic-Con comic book convention in California when she was called upon to fill-in for an absent Kevin Smith. The actress was at the convention promoting her debut comic OCT: OCCULT CRIMES TASKFORCE when her CLERKS II director called to ask her to start off a panel discussion on his behalf. Smith was one of many stars caught up in horrific traffic jams around San Diego, where the convention was being held, and Dawson was only too pleased to help the movie-maker and comic book aficionado. But her panel-hosting stint was far from successful: "I was like, 'There's 4,000 people out there, I'll start off the show until he gets here.' "I walk out and I go to the mic and I introduce myself as Kevin Smith: 'I'm on the South Beach Diet! Woo-hoo it's working!' "I was a total dork... I sang, I danced around, I had these little kids come up on stage, I told stories and jokes. It was retarded. "I even sang this Carpenters song... I thought he (Smith) was gonna show up at some point and save me; he never did... He was stuck in traffic."