Sin City star Rosario Dawson regularly has to fend of female admirers who try to get too close to her boyfriend, Sex And The City star Jason Lewis. The couple have been dating for two years, and women regularly come up and fawn over him right in front of her. She explains, "I've got to walk around with a bat. Like, seriously. "There was this couple who came up to Jason to take a photograph with him. The woman recognised him from the show and was like, 'Oh my God, can I take a picture?' "Her husband was taking out the camera and looks up and she's got Jason's shirt up and is touching his six-pack. And she's like, 'I just wanted to see if those were real!' "And he's like, 'Honey! Get your hands off him!' And she's like, 'It's ok - I've seen him naked on the show!' "Jason's like, 'No, it's not, why are you touching me like that?' I totally get it. It's very funny."