Sin City creator FRANK MILLERis thrilled his 300 graphic novel has forced Iranians to rewrite history.

The comic book, which inspired director Zack Snyder's cult film, landed Miller a lifetime ban from Iran after President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad called it "an act of cultural and psychological warfare".

But joking about his "fatwa" in a new Playboy interview, Miller admits he's happy the Iranians got upset about the book and film.

He explains, "What I love is that I actually made the Iranian government change its historical policy toward Persia. It went from despising the empire of Persia to all of a sudden loving it, after 300.

"Persia had been a globe-spanning empire, then Muhammad came along and changed the mentality and rewrote all the histories. Iran's days of empire are long gone, and they were just looking for something to get p**sed off about."