Sin City beauty Jessica Alba credits her blonde hair with attracting new boyfriend Cash Warren, because it gives her a softer, more approachable image.

The Latina actress began dating the director's assistant in January (05), after meeting him on the set of the much anticipated comic book adaptation, Fantastic Four.

The 23-year-old star - who is naturally brunette - dyed her hair blonde for her role as SUE STORM to match the original fair-haired superhero and believes this was the major factor that sparked Warren's interest.

Alba says, "I thought he was wonderful the moment I set eyes on him.

"Fortunately he returned my feelings.

"Would he have felt the same way had I still been a brunette?

"I like to think so of course. But I know I'm much more approachable as a blonde, so I think it worked for him and me."

14/07/2005 05:46