Former Simply Red star Mick Hucknall is the frontrunner to replace Rod Stewart in reunited rock supergroup THE FACES.
Ron Wood, Kenney Jones and Ian MCLagan reteamed with former frontman Stewart for rehearsals late last year (08) with a view to touring together in 2009 - but schedules got in the way of plans and the Baby Jane singer was forced to quit.
Now, after performing with guests at a London show last month (Oct09), Wood, MCLagan and Jones are considering a 2010 spring tour - with or without their famous frontman.
And Hucknall, who joined the band as a guest for the 25 October concert at the Royal Albert Hall, is considered the most likely to step in as a permanent vocalist.
MCLagan tells, "If we don't do it (tour) very soon, one of us is gonna check out.
"We've been waiting and waiting for Rod to say yes; now he's finally said no. He's busy doing other s**t. So we're gonna do it... I just want to play."
MCLagan reveals he'd like former Sex Pistols star Glen Matlock to replace the late Ronnie Lane on bass - over Red Hot Chili Peppers star Flea, who Wood named as a favourite earlier in the year.
He adds, "I like Flea. I don't necessarily think he's a good replacement for Ronnie, but if he wants to do it we should talk about it."
And he confirms Hucknall will lead a clutch of guest singers on tour: "There's plenty of things for people to sing in the set... I think we can go in several different directions at once."