Simply Red frontman Mick Hucknall is "allergic" to modern music and blames TV talent shows for turning the industry into a "karaoke competition".
The Stars hitmaker, who is about to embark on a farewell tour of the U.K., sparked a war of words with Simon Cowell last year (08) when he accused the music mogul of using young singing hopefuls to make money.
Now he has risked re-igniting the feud with barbed comments about the state of music in the 21st Century.
He says, "The people I admired were artists first and celebrities second. They were celebrities because of their talent. I've become allergic to what's happened since the 1980s. There was a shift to fashion and to overlooking the ability of the person to achieve anything. We went into a zone of ordinariness.
"You can get tired of being in an industry that's basically become a karaoke competition."