LATEST: Rockers Simple Plan are being applauded for their hit new anti-drink driving video by the organisation they set out to impress with the promo.

The Canadian group sent an early copy of the video for new single UNTITLED (HOW COULD THIS HAPPEN TO ME?) to charity group MOTHERS AGAINST DRUNK DRIVING (MADD) and were given the go-ahead to release the harrowing promo.

MADD officials were thrilled with the short film, which features the death of a young woman at the hands of a drinking driver and have since praised the group for adding drink-drive statistics to the end of the video.

STEVE EMERICK, who runs MADD's campaign to stop teenagers from driving drunk, says, "MADD is pleased that the band

recognises the seriousness of this issue and supports the work of MADD to stop drunk driving, support victims of this violent crime and to prevent underage drinking."

The video has shot to the top of MTV's TOTAL REQUEST LIVE playlist and has prompted fans of the group to deluge their website with stories and comments about drink driving incidents.

17/05/2005 21:38