British rockers Simple Minds are planning to honour late moviemaker John Hughes on their upcoming world tour - by dedicating their classic track DON’T YOU (FORGET ABOUT ME) to his memory.
The track was featured in Hughes' seminal 1985 film The Breakfast Club and is also the title of a new documentary about the director, who died of a heart attack in New York last week (06Aug09) aged 59.
Lead singer Jim Kerr features in the new film, after director Matt Austin-Sadowski flew to Scotland to interview him.
And the star admits he is devastated by the tragedy - because Hughes had such a massive impact on the band's career.
He says in a statement, "When we perform ‘Don’t You (Forget About Me)’ on the forthcoming tour, we’ll be thinking about John Hughes and how his enthusiasm for the sound of Simple Minds made us go the extra mile when we recorded it back in 1984.
"Everyone was hell bent on making a classic piece of pop rock, but little did we know the kind of longevity the film would have on generations to come. The Breakfast Club helped us kick the door down, and once there, no one could ever lock us out or tell us again what it felt like to be No.1 in America.”