Scottish rockers Simple Minds have credited The Killers with inspiring them to release their first new album in three years.

The DON'T YOU (FORGET ABOUT ME) stars - Jim Kerr and CHARLIE BURCHILL - are thrilled their trademark new wave music has garnered renewed popularity thanks to bands like The Killers.

And they're taking advantage of current musical tastes by releasing their latest disc, BLACK AND WHITE in September (05).

Kerr explains, "New wave is big again with bands like the Killers. We wanted to make an album once again that was full of dramatic and atmospheric pop music.

"We felt that we needed an album that proved as much to ourselves as anyone else, that the big-beating heart of Simple Minds was very much alive and driving us on once again.

"I feel that the way Home kicks in with Charlie's signature soaring guitar riff, there could be no better way off announcing to the world that Simple Minds had recaptured the kind of uplifting musical spirit that defined our best work."

04/07/2005 02:50