Simple Minds frontman Jim Kerr almost choked on his two front teeth - after accidentally knocking them out with his microphone on stage.

The DON'T YOU (FORGET ABOUT ME) singer was getting into his performance during a recent concert in Barcelona, Spain when the incident happened.

And he says the embarrassment of his gaffe was worse than the injury itself - which has left him resembling POGUES singer Shane MacGowan.

Kerr says, "My arms were milling around my head in every direction, while my feet attempted a whirling dervish-type thing.

"Unfortunately, amongst this quasi state of fit, I managed to stupidly smash a heavy chunk of metal microphone right into my two upper front tooth.

"That gifted me some lovely bits of broken teeth, lodging in the back of my throat as I tried to cope with the remaining verse.

"I had to stop and go off stage as it was really painful, but I survived. The overall embarrassment was much more excruciating.

"My teeth were shattered almost beyond repair and Shane MacGowan was probably getting worried that I was stepping onto his territory.

"Grinning hasn't been that easy for me recently. Ordinarily I would have a good mind to sue the boss, except in this case I am one of the bosses, plus it was my own bloody fault."

03/03/2004 14:08