Simon Webbe's plans for a solo career have been destroyed by his producer MELODY, who reportedly stole the Blue hunk's new recordings and equipment after a vicious row.

The ALL RISE singer, 25, fell out with Melody during the making of his debut album and was devastated his former friend took his revenge by emptying their joint-owned London recording studios last week (begs27SEP04), reports Britain's DAILY MIRROR newspaper.

A source says, "Simon and Melody set up LOVE 4 MUSIC together and they have been working on Simon's solo project. But they have fallen out big time and last week Melody went to the studios and took all their equipment.

"Simon feared something like that might happen and asked for the locks to be changed, but the message can't have got through.

"Technically they were business partners, so Melody has as much right to the equipment and the recordings as Simon, but things have turned ugly. The root of the falling out is money. Simon hopes he doesn't do anything to the tracks."

04/10/2004 14:26