Simon Pegg found working with Steven Spielberg a hands-on experience - the legendary movie-maker "beat him up" during a fight scene in the new TINTIN film.
Pegg has a starring role in Spielberg's new picture The Adventures of Tintin: The Secret of the Unicorn, which is due for release next year (11).
And the shoot was a bizarre experience for the Shaun of the Dead actor - because Spielberg grappled with him onset to show co-star Andy Serkis how to act out a fight scene.
Pegg says, "There was one day where (Spielberg) actually demonstrated to Andy Serkis how Captain Haddock should beat me up. I was lying on the floor with him holding me by the lapel, shaking me, hitting me against the floor, and I was just laughing because it was f**king Steven Spielberg!"