Simon Pegg used to be a goth.

The 'A Fantastic Fear Of Everything' actor revealed he loved music including Sisters of Mercy and Bauhaus when he was younger but he will listen to any type.

He said: ''I grew up listening to my parents' stuff - Queen, John Denver, Billy Joel, The Beatles. At 15, I got into The Smiths and The Cure and became very tribal.

''Then I became a proper goth listening to Sisters of Mercy and Bauhaus. If something's got genuine artistic merit I'll give it a go. Although I have no idea what's currently in the charts, apart from N-Dubz.''

Along with being a goth, Simon was also a video game fan and admitted he would play his Game Boy all day.

He added: ''I used to be a real gamer. I had an original Game Boy, a SNES and an Amiga 500 and I'd play Starwing, Super Star Wars and Flashback. The PlayStation confirmed me in my gaming but I don't play as much now since having a child.''