Simon Pegg doesn't think Khan will be the villain in 'Star Trek 2'.

The actor - who reprises the role of Scottish engineer Scotty in the film - admits he is unsure if rumours about the superhuman baddie from the original TV series coming back into the franchise as he doesn't think it would have much "value".

He said: "I haven't heard the name Khan come up. Not to say it won't come up, but I have heard no mention of him whatsoever.

"He is a great villain. I don't want to say too much and then have to eat my words as I often do, but we've seen Khan in a Trek movie before. To see him again, how much value is there in that? I don't know."

Simon admits he has seen The Script for the project - which sees Chris Pine, Zachary Quinto and Zoe Saldana returning - and thinks the right "choices" have been made with it.

He told MTV News: "As we did in the last film, there's a lot of directions you can go with the film. In this case, we chose to do something we thought would be original and unique and different, and I think on paper, we made the right choice. Now we have to go shoot."

'Star Trek 2' is set for release in May 2013.