Simon Pegg and Gillian Anderson were among the celebrities lining the red carpet for the UK premiere of How to Lose Friends and Alienate People.

Released in the UK on October 3rd, the comedy is based on Toby Young's bestselling memoir of the same name and sees Pegg as a hapless journalist working for Vanity Fair magazine in New York City.

The Hot Fuzz star admitted it was "great fun" to play a character like Young, whose exploits included inviting a stripper to the office on Take Your Daughter to Work Day.

"He's an idiot, and it's fun playing an idiot," Pegg told the BBC.

"[The film] stays true to the spirit, but you couldn't really adapt Toby's book as a film," he added.

"It's a series of anecdotes, strung together with notions of philosophy. It would be very hard to put that on the screen."

Pegg's glamorous co-stars include Kirsten Dunst, Anderson - who arrived at the premiere heavily pregnant - and Transformers actress Megan Fox.

According to director Robert Weide, he cast Fox - named sexiest woman in the world by FHM readers - before the robots in disguise blockbuster was released.

"Transformers was months away from coming out when we cast her," Weide explained.

"I thought I'd go down in history as the guy who discovered Megan Fox. Then that robot movie came out and made her a big star overnight.

"Now everyone says, 'You cast her because of Transformers?' No I didn't! I knew nothing about it."

25/09/2008 10:48:39