Simon Pegg is adamant British filmmakers need to rely on Hollywood bosses for funding - because the U.K. movie industry is dying.
The star and his pal Nick Frost employed an all-American cast for their latest movie, Paul, and Pegg fears more directors in his native Britain will be forced to trade their homeland for Hollywood after the country's Culture Secretary Jeremy Hunt announced the closure of the UK Film Council last year (10).
He tells the Daily Express, "There are British actors, technicians, writers and directors (in Hollywood). You can't blame them as that's where there's work. We struggle here (in Britain). We don't have a film industry.
"We have a lot of talented individuals trying to get films made through private investment, or through trying to beg from the lottery, but not from the Film Council any more because that's being dissolved. So, you go where there is creation and industry and America has that... I don't think the answer is to just leave but it's a shame that we can't get stuff made here."