DURAN DURAN star Simon Le Bon has utilised his fame to practice one of his favourite pastimes - reviewing books.

On the HUNGRY LIKE A WOLF band's website, singer Le Bon shares his verdict on the latest literary works on his very own page, called Simon's Corner.

And the charismatic singer loves the fact his opinions are being beamed to the world via cyberspace, especially when he blasts critically acclaimed novels like Dan Brown's celebrated The Da Vinci Code.

He says, "I have a big library in my house where I sit and read. I run a book club on the Duran Duran website where I review books.

"I gave The Da Vinci Code a right panning."

But Le Bon's reviews aren't all scathing - he does offer fans one highly recommended read.

He adds, "THE CURIOUS INCIDENT OF THE DOG IN THE NIGHT-TIME by MARK HADDON is a great book. It's guaranteed to make you cry."

03/03/2005 09:56