DURAN DURAN star Simon Le Bon often regrets making a successful pop comeback - because he hates being separated from his beloved family while he tours with the band.

Le Bon admits the RIO rockers are grateful they are still in demand as pop stars, but they all find it difficult to enjoy their renewed popularity because their loved ones aren't there to celebrate with them.

He says, "It's hard for me. I'm the one who's missing the kids growing up, but then I'm the one who wants to get up on stage and entertain people.

"The guys are great. We help each other get through it.

"If someone is feeling down or the morale starts to drop, there are always at least three other guys who can say, 'Come on, this is great, we're lucky to be here and doing this.' We are all aware that it could go wrong tomorrow."

31/05/2005 21:13