The 35-year-old plays aerospace engineer Howard Wolowitz on the highly-popular comedy and his character is preparing to become a father. Simon is already a dad to two children with his wife Jocelyn Towne and while he admits most of his character's personality as a dad will come from the show's writers, he insists he will also tap into his own experiences with his kids.

"(Howard is) gonna need so much channelling," he tells People. com. "You bring everything you have in your arsenal to every character, so it's helpful to have experience as a dad.

"I'm sure the writers are gonna make him a pretty clumsy, inept father, which... sometimes it starts that way, so that I can also relate to. There's a nice learning curve, so hopefully he'll grow up a bit."

Meanwhile, Simon has praised his wife for dealing with pregnancy and giving birth, insisting he couldn't imagine going through that.

"One thing I wish I could tell her is that I (would) commend (my wife) and thank her for carrying that baby," he says. "Because the terror that I would have knowing that a creature is growing inside of me and is imminently going to burst out... I don't know how all these women do it. I'm just very scared of people coming out of my orifice. Just call me crazy!"