The Big Bang Theory star Simon Helberg has recreated his courtship for his directorial debut.

The actor and his wife Jocelyn Towne teamed up to make We'll Never Have Paris and he admits the movie brought back mixed memories for both of them.

Helberg says, "The movie is obviously really personal and does delve deeply into the perverse psyche of me... The monumental f**k-ups are all true to life. I did self-destruct and throw my whole life away and immediately ran back and tried to fix it and compulsively confess to my wife, who I was split up with at the time, every nuance, every impulse I had, every feeling I thought I might have or could have some day.

"It just kept ruining my perfect relationship, so by the time I was really ready to repair it, she had gone to Paris and I thought, 'Well, this will be romantic; I'll surprise her' - or invade her privacy or stalk her, which is another way to put it!

"I was in a bit of a fog. Every time I would think, 'This is crazy', I would replace it with, 'This is romantic', or, 'This is chivalrous', or, 'This is gonna knock her socks off!' It wasn't until I got there and I will never forget when she opened the door, her look said, 'I should go'.

"She had met a Frenchman and sent me back to the States. I was 25 and in the middle of that quarter-life crisis coming out of this strange cocoon. I did try to propose multiple times after that because I was a murderer of romance at the time. My proposal to her was an act of romantic bullying which somehow paid off.

"My point in this movie was to make a buffoon of myself and I think I succeeded!"

And the making of the film was just as trying as Helberg's attempts to woo his wife.

He adds, "It was an insanely, tedious, strenuous process to get the movie made... For some reason weather was not on our side. We had the worst heatwave in New York when we were shooting. We shot in Brooklyn in a 500-square-foot apartment with no air-conditioning and all the air conditioners were sold out, with a crew of 15 guys in there. There was probably, at a certain point, 110 degrees (Fahrenheit) in this room, and our first assistant director got heat stroke and Melanie Lynskey, who plays my girlfriend, almost fainted.

"We couldn't get through a take without sweating so much... Then when we went to do post-production in New York it was the polar vortex, where it dropped 50 degrees in one day, like negative 10 (Fahrenheit)! My wife was pregnant with our second baby and we were going across the country and my wife is shipping breast milk and carrying it in dry ice! There were moments when the funding dropped out and we were in Paris scouting locations, and my wife is pumping to get milk and we're sitting in the hotel in the middle of the night and I'm eating a stale sandwich from the airplane.

"There were many points where it felt, 'Is this really worth it?'"