Defunct British pop act S CLUB stormed out of a television interview last night (22MAY03) - after being quizzed about the amount of money they have made.

Four members of the soon-to-split pop band walked out of the BBC interview when the interviewer suggested they weren't millionaires - and that their manager Simon Fuller had made millions out of their success.

The group were recording an interview for LIQUID NEWS when presenter Claudia Winkleman asked about Fuller's millions. A promotions assistant then advised the four stormed out.

Winkleman began, "Let's talk about cash and Mr Simon Fuller. Don't look at me like you are angry. He's got GBP90 million ($140 million) in the bank."

Singer JO O'MEARA replied, "How much? GBP90 million now? It was 50 last week."

Bradley Mcintosh added, "I thought 130."

Winkleman then said, "It is 90. There are rumours you are grumpy because you have not made a mint."

JON LEE said, "That's not true."

While Jo said, "I think we are all really lucky to be where we are at our age, with the bank balances we have."

At this point a band representative burst on set and fuming, "I am not having that question asked. We're going."

The bandmembers then tore off their microphones and left the studio.

23/05/2003 13:49