Newly-split pop band S CLUB have only made half a million pounds each from their four years in pop - but their manager Simon Fuller has made 100 times that amount.

An investigation into the earnings of the charttoppers has tried to ascertain exactly where the huge amount of money they generated has gone.

According to British tabloid The Sun, Fuller and his management company 19 have pocketed almost $75 million (GBP50 million) from merchandising, tours and recordings. However the band have only earned $885,000 (GBP590,000) over the duration of their fame.

An insider close to bandmembers JO O'MEARA, Tina Barrett, Rachel Stevens, Jon Lee, Hannah Spearritt and BRADLEY McINTOSH says, "It is scandalous what these kids are earning compared to the sort of business they are generating.

"Their wages may seem big to a lot of people but it's nothing to what Simon Fuller was making. Let's not forget the kids in S Club have very little time off and regularly work 18-hour days.

"Pop music may seem glamorous but it is far from that. The only reason they did it is because they knew Simon Fuller plucked them from obscurity and made them famous."

23/04/2003 02:03