BBC's talent show The Voice will clash with its ITV rival Britain's Got Talent once more, according to BBC News. Schedulers for both channels have been in last-minute talks to agree a solution to the clash, which at one stage would have seen the programmes overlapping for 75 minutes. The two programmes have clashed repeatedly over the past few months and The Voice has generally fared better in the ratings war that has ensued.
ITV admitted defeat and moved their show to a later time slot to avoid a clash and finally slipped ahead of BBC in terms of viewer numbers, last weekend and media reports of a rivalry between the two shows prompted BBC One's controller Danny Cohen to say "Simon Cowell and others have said very nice things about The Voice. We want viewers to enjoy both shows. I saw an interesting thing in one of the papers this week saying, 'Saturday night TV is great at the moment and there are two great shows on.' That's a good thing for everyone. I don't think we should get too involved with rivalry or who's beating who or who's slightly ahead of who."
On May 12, 2012, the Britain's Got Talent final will air at 7:30pm, in line with the 2010 final. "We are a family entertainment show with a run time of two hours and 30 minutes, so we are constrained in how late we can start the show, given the audience who want to watch us," a statement from ITV revealed.