Last night, The Voice auditions had even more surprises up their sleeve, with the third night of its blind auditions. It was a crucial night for the show, as it went head-to-head with rival talent show, X Factor. Simon Cowell caused a stir last week when he accused the show's producers of employing underhand tactics, claiming that they had a 'gentleman's agreement' that the shows would not clash. The Voice went ahead and scheduled a third show on the Wednesday, though, much to Cowell's disapproval.
After the second of the blind audition shows, Christina Aguilera and Blake Shelton were in the lead, having recruited the most contestants for their teams. Last night, though, it was Adam Levine and Cee Lo Green who managed to lure the most talented singers into their packs. 19 year-old Samuel Mouton may be a white kid from Colorado but he channelled the spirit of reggae great Bob Marley, perfectly. "This show is perfect for me because I sound different than I look," said the eager teenager." He ended up on Adam's team. Levine also managed to nab 34 year-old Nicole Nelson for his team. MTV News describe her voice as "chocolaty smooth" and Aguilera commented "Sometimes good voices come along and then great voices come along." It wasn't enough of a compliment to recruit a new member though; she went with Adam on account of him pushing his button first.
Cee-Lo landed himself with Domo, a hip-hop dancer from the Bronx, her performance "set the room ablaze." Aguilera commented "Cee Lo, you're going to have some fun with this one." A fiery character indeed. And The Voice will need plenty of fiery characters if they intend to continue facing X Factor head-on in the ratings war.