Music mogul Simon Cowell was treated like a schoolboy as he waited to meet Britney Spears on the set of his British talent show The X Factor, according to fellow judge Dannii Minogue.
The Toxic hitmaker made a much criticised appearance on the reality show last month (Nov08) - but it didn't stop the judges clamouring to meet her.
And Minogue reveals how the singer's entourage ensured Spears was left alone until she was ready to meet them - and had them lining up like youngsters waiting for class.
She says, "It was hysterical. We were all like little kids at the principal's office. There were so many security guards and PR people and they had to block the whole corridor before she could come out the door."
But Minogue has blasted the 27-year-old for not meeting the contestants competing on the show.
She adds, "They were genuinely excited to be in her presence and she only had to say 'Hi' to five acts. At that point, I thought, 'What a shame because you've just crushed those contestants.' She didn't have to be like that."