Simon Cowell has refused to rule out marriage.

The media mogul is expecting his first child with socialite Lauren Silverman and he said people will have to ''wait and see'' whether the couple get married in the future.

Referring to the upcoming show 'I Can't Sing - The X Factor Musical', he joked a sequel could deal with the hypothetical wedding.

Asked about the possibility, he told the Daily Mail newspaper: ''That's a very leading question - that could be Part 2 of the musical: 'What's Going To Happen Next' ... You'll just have to wait and see.''

The 'X Factor' star also admitted his opinion on children has changed since he found out he was going to become a father and he is already ''very attached'' to his unborn child.

He added: ''Once it's happened, you feel completely different. Once I heard the news about the baby ... Little bit of a shock, then I got used to it, and then I became incredibly paternal and protective and I feel very attached to the baby already.''

While the couple haven't reached a final decision on a name yet, recent reports claimed Simon wanted to honour his father Eric - and Lauren is keen on the possible monikers.

A source previously said: ''If it's a boy, Simon wants to call him Eric and if it's a girl Erica. His dad meant the world to him and Simon feels the name would be a fitting tribute.

''Lauren has not decided yet, but is taking Simon's input very seriously.

''She likes the name Eric as it is unusual in America and quite stylish. She also feels Erica is a cool name for a girl.''