Simon Cowell has told Lauren Silverman he will ''take care of everything''.

It was revealed this week that the 53-year-old music mogul is having a child with his friend Andrew Silverman's estranged wife and Simon has told Lauren, who is 10 weeks pregnant, that he will take care of her and the baby.

A source told Us Weekly: ''Simon told Lauren not to worry and he will take care of everything. He always takes care of his women. He gave [former fiancee] Mezghan Hussainy a salary and bought her a house. He bought [ex-girlfriend] Terri Seymour tons of fancy clothes and cars. He's very generous to his ladies.

''He told her whatever Andrew throws at her or says about her he will take care of her so not to worry and not to let it bother her.''

Meanwhile, Lauren's mother, Carole Saland, insists her daughter has done nothing wrong and her marriage had difficulties before she got involved with Simon.

She said: ''Lauren doesn't deserve all of this bad publicity, she's a nice girl from Miami Beach.

''Things happen in life. [We are] living in 2013. Her marriage was not a marriage made in heaven and life goes on, people go on.

While Simon has vowed to stand by Lauren, friends of the eternal bachelor are shocked at the news he is to become a father.

One pal told MailOnline: ''He is an incredibly well-prepared man who is very controlling and no one can believe in a million years that he would make this kind of mistake.

''Knowing him and the way in which he controls every aspect of his life it's astonishing that this has happened. He is not one of those men who would have [had] a child in this way - it just seems so out of character. There is a sense of astonishment amongst his circle of friends over this news.''