Simon Cowell has tried to set his four-year-old son up on a date.

The 'X Factor' judge jokingly told Sophie Fatu, an adorable five-year-old from Charleston, West Virginia, that he wanted her to get together with Eric, whom he has with his girlfriend Lauren Silverman, after she blew him away with her rendition of Frank Sinatra's 'My Way' on last night's (12.06.18) episode of 'America's Got Talent'.

The youngster - who was dressed in a pink dress with flowers in her hair - came out on stage and told the 58-year-old TV judge that he was her favourite on the panel.

She added: ''Mr Simon, I saw a dream about you -- you pushed the golden button.''

Simon replied: ''You are hilarious. I want you to date my son.''

However, the music mogul admitted that Sophie may have a challenge on her hands as Eric is still heartbroken over his ex-girlfriend but he thinks he'll really like her.

He explained: ''He's just split up with his girlfriend so I'm gonna have to make an introduction -- he's gonna love you, you are adorable.''

Simon then brought Eric out to join him on the panel after Sophie had left the stage and asked: ''What did you think Eric, did you like Sophie?''

The little one - who was dressed in denim - slammed his hand on the red button.

A shocked Simon said: ''You can't press the red buzzer to her!''

It seems Eric has a bit of a thing for female attention as Robbie Williams' wife Ayda Field recently admitted that the youngster recently told her daughter Teddy, five, that she can't be his ''girlfriend'' because she had a build up of snot running own her nose.

She explained: ''Teddy had a really runny nose and you'll never believe this, but Eric is quite particular, and he said I'm not going to date someone ... you can't be my girlfriend because you've got a runny nose.

''So she wiped her nose and goes, 'Yes I am.' It was like Little Rob and Little Simon. 'You're not going to date me.' 'You are going to date me.' ''